BIRTHCONTROL - The very best of

Seite A

Gamma Ray
She's got nothing on you
This song is just for you
Tiny flashlights

Seite B

My mind
No shade is real
Plastic people

LABEL: CBS (1990)

Zustand Cover: 1-2 / Platte: 2

Frumpy - NOW

Seite A

what it is
when I fall in love
good good feeling
we can sing a song
now and forever

Seite B

come together
pirate style
come on
living in a madhouse
one world

LABEL: mercury (1990)

Zustand Cover: 2-3 / Platte: 1

Triumvirat - Spartacus

Seite A

The capitol of power
The school of onstant pain
The wallis of doom
The deadly dream of freedom
The hazy shades of dawn

Seite B

The burning sword of capus
The sweetest sound of liberty
The march to the eternal city

LABEL: EMI (1975)

Zustand Cover: 2 / Platte: 2